The Easter Show

5-6TH APRIL, 2015



The Easter Show
Curated by Rasmus Myrup

Every year, the second that the ground is penetrated by that first, priming, unfurling green something – Easter arrives. Moving at the whit of the Ecclesiastical Calendar, one weekend a year is selected to host this conglomerate of celebrations. Saturated with pastels from here to the end of the world, haunted by a mysterious shade of a pagan egg laying hare, foreshadowing of the fertile summer to come and hyping the gluttonous climax of lent, Easter collects all the pent-up enthusiasm previously buried under the packed snow.

It is with great joy and a daffodil behind its ear, that Weekends presents The Easter Show! With contributions by ÅYR, Cédric Fargues, Hannah Heilmann, Jasper Spicero and Torben Ribe, the show takes place in and around the teahouse at Dragsholm Castle in Odsherred, Denmark.

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